Press Releases

Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) Assistant Secretary for Field Operations – Mindanao and Legislative Affairs Dr. Joan A. Lagunda visits DENR Region IX to assess programs and projects being implemented as well as to check on office operations.
Asec. Lagunda was welcomed by DENR IX top officials and employees headed by Regional Executive Director Crisanta Marlene P. Rodriguez with an interface held at DENR IX Regional Office lobby in Balintawak, Pagadian City on February 08, 2021.
In her message during the interface with regional personnel, she emphasized the importance for each employee to put into practice the DENR core values which are Discipline, Excellence, Nobility and Responsibility. She said that "if an employee has discipline, the rest will follow and possessing these values can make one proud to be a DENR employee".
She added that, “we have to be a role model to ourselves and live our lives in accordance with the 4 core values.”
She reminded everyone that they play a vital role in the office and it is only with everyone working hand in hand that they will be able to achieve the department's mandate and provide better service to the people.
The lady ASEC also commended the personnel for their 2020 performance and credited most of the accomplishments to the rank and file.
Asec. Lagunda together with RED Rodriguez, EMB RD Engr. Alex D. Jimenez, MGB RD Engr. Hernani Abdon and other DENR IX top officials continued the week- long visit by going to DENR 9 regional and field offices and engaging the personnel in dialogues and interfaces.
She also visited the Modernized and Mechanized Forest Nursery and Regional Wildlife Rescue Center in Tukuran, Zamboanga del Sur, Jose Rizal Memorial Protected Landscape in Dapitan City, Pasonanca Natural Park and Bambusetum plantation in Zamboanga City, and DENR Monitoring Stations.
She ended her visit impressed on what she saw and observed and thanked RED Rodriguez for the warm hospitality she recieved during her stay in Zamboanga Peninsula.
The Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) IX represented by RED Crisanta Marlene P. Rodriguez signs a memorandum of agreement (MOA) on the adoption of two Philippine Freshwater Crocodiles with Mr. Roel Lamiing and Hon. Junevell Lamiing on January 21 at the DENR IX Conference Room, Pagadian City.
The agreement was in line with Department Administrative Order No. 2010-16, otherwise known as “Establishing the ‘Adopt-a-Wildlife Species Program’ and Providing the Guidelines Governing Its Implementation.”
RED Rodriguez said, “This partnership speaks of strengthened collaboration between the government and private individuals and through this we hope to achieve resurgence of the Philippine Freshwater Crocodile population in the region, effectively conserve and protect this species through the active participation of stakeholders and raise the level of awareness on human-crocodile co-existence and stimulate public action in protecting our wildlife.”
The agreement stipulates the following areas of cooperation: research and monitoring, communication, education and public awareness, capacity-building and promoting best practices.
Hon. Junevell Lamiing said that they are fully committed in providing appropriate and safe spaces for the Philippine Freshwater Crocodiles under their custody: DENR-IX Tag No. 0-4-46, a male crocodile named “Chuy2x” and DENR-IX Tag No. 0-4-48, a female crocodile named “Claudia.”
The event was witnessed by DENR IX personnel from the Conservation and Development Division.
Pagadian City.. The Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) Region IX welcomes 2021 by conducting its first Expanded Executive Committee Meeting (EXECOM) on January 4, 2020 at the DENR IX Regional Office conference room in Balintawak, Pagadian City.
The EXECOM meeting was graced by the following DENR IX top officials: RED Crisanta Marlene P. Rodriguez, EMB IX RD Engr. Alex D. Jimenez, MGB IX RD Hernani G. Abdon, ARD for Management Services Dr. Dante A. Oporto, ARD for Technical Services For. Ronald D. Gadot, PENRO Zamboanga del Norte For. Salahuddin A. Kaing, PENRO Zamboanga del Sur For. Ben M. Acana, PENRO Zamboanga Sibugay For. Edgardo P. Montojo, all CENROs, Division and Section Chiefs.
In a message given by RED Rodriguez, she thanked everyone for their dedicated service, for going over and beyond the regular functions in providing excellent service to the clients and commended everybody for their good performance in attaining targets and activities for 2020.
“When the pandemic erupted, we took immediate steps to ensure the safety of everyone – ours and the public that we serve”, she said.
RED Rodriguez praised the office for being a model of national government agencies in Region IX for initiating various health protocols for the protection of its personnel and clienteles. These innovations include having its own Quarantine Facilities not just in the Regional Office but also in the field offices, wearing of face masks/face shields, establishment of washing and sanitizing stations, assignment of client’s reception areas, foot and vehicle baths, social distance and alternative work arrangements. She also made mention that the onset of the pandemic has paved way for innovations in the DENR IX, such as the online Travel Order Processing and the contactless biometric using the Mobile DTR application.
She added that “the strength, restless sacrifice, compassion around us, and the level to which we are coming together through this pandemic has been extraordinary and inspiring. Because of this, we will emerge much stronger and more resilient in the future”.
She ended the message by encouraging everybody to be hopeful for a more fruitful and better 2021.
The Department of Environment & Natural Resources-Region IX led by Regional Executive Director Crisanta Marlene P. Rodriguez signs two (2) Memorandum of Partnership Agreements (MOPA) on Rapid Land Tenure Appraisal (RLTA) with the respective Municipal Local Government Units (MLGUs) of Sergio Osmeña and Mutia in Zamboanga del Norte Tuesday of last week.
RED Rodriguez said that the RLTA program is one way of strengthening the ties and cooperation between DENR and LGUs that will facilitate a faster and more accurate way of knowing the remaining Alienable and Disposable lands potential for land titling within their respective municipalities.
Mayor Augustine Magsalay of Sergio Osmeña expressed his gratitude to the department for the help that the RLTA could bring in hastening the process of land titling for his constituents. While Mutia Mayor Lorrymir Adasa said that he is looking forward for the success of the RLTA project and urged the participants to grab the opportunity and forward their land titling applications to the concerned CENRO.
Also present as witnesses during the signing ceremonies were ARD for Technical Services Ronald D. Gadot, ZDN PENRO Salahudin A. Kaing, and CENRO Adelaida Borja. Photos courtesy of PENRO Zamboanga del Norte
Rudolph Valentino A. Docot, a scientist and faculty of Far Eastern University, Manila, discovered Plagiostachys lourdesiae (Zingiberaceae) in Mt. Timolan Protected Landscape, Tigbao, Zamboanga del Sur last 2018.
Plagiostachys lourdesiae (Zingiberaceae) is most closely related to Plagiostachysescitorii. It is a terrestrial herb growing loose clumps. It is red in color and around 10cm in size. It is classified under the vulnerable category.
Mr. Docot was granted with a Wildlife Gratuitous Permit No. IX-01-2018 by DENR-IX for conducting a study entitled “Establishment of Far Eastern University Herbarium (FEUH): Floristic Assessment in Mt. Timolan Protected Landscape, Zamboanga del Sur” in consonance with the provisions of Republic Act 9147 (Wildlife Resources Conservation and Protection Act of 2001) after the Protected Area Management Board(PAMB) granted a “Clearance” to the research proponent.
Last 29−30 November 2018, FEU Research Team conducted their first botanical survey at Mount Timolan Protected Landscape. A total of fifty (50) collections were made which are represented by 10 families. Most of their collected specimens are from the ginger family Zingiberaceae with 16 species, two of which are potential new species. One of the highlights of their fieldwork is the rediscovery of the Philippine endemic Acranthera philippinensis Merr. from the family Rubiaceae, a species discovered in Zamboanga Peninsula on 1911 and was never recollected.
After a tedious process of botanical research, they finally confirmed that Plagiostachys lourdesiae (Zingiberaceae) is indeed a new species and endemic to the province of Zamboanga del Sur and Agusan del Sur. The specific epithet was chosen by Mr. Docot in honor of the accomplished scholarly writer and chair Emeritus of Far Eastern University, Dr. Lourdes R. Montenola. She has continued the legacy of her father and founder of FEU, Dr. Nicanor Reyes Sr., in developing quality education in the Philippines as well as dedication in preserving Philippine heritage, culture and arts.
This discovery was also published in the Nordic Journal of Botany, an international journal for the scientific study of plants and of fungi. Nevertheless, the discovery was also featured in the national news enlitled : “LOOK: New Ginger species discovered in PH”, published by ABS-CBN New on Oct. 8, 2020 @3:38 PM.
Indeed, Mt. Timolan Protected Landscape is a Key Biodiversity Area, not only in terms of flora, but fauna as well. Yet, there are still many more to discover from this protected area and ecotourism spot.
DENR enjoins researchers to rigorously pursue new discoveries of flora and fauna in the protected area because Mt. Timolan Protected Landscape may have many more new species left undiscovered. Photos courtesy of Rudolph Valentino A. Docot