DENR IX thanks everyone who has been a part of our BIKE. HIKE. PLANT. We highly appreciate you all for helping in the rehabilitation and protection of our forest.
Congratulations to the following participants:
The first 3 participants to complete the 300km ride and plant a tree at the MMFN in Baclay, Tukuran, ZDS
First Placer - Faizal Y. Palti
Second Placer - Tristan Jon C. Abarquez
Third Placer - Gerardo C. Sanchez
Consolation prizes will also be given to the following for completing the 300km ride and for planting a tree at the MMFN, Baclay, Tukuran, ZDS.
1. Abdullah, Hamser K.
2. Andagan, Frainnel Ane M.
3. Enriquez, Mark P.
4. Ibba, Erifzar S.
5. Ibba, Noraine A.
6. Mangakoy, Yasmin D.
7. Mapiso, Nelson O.
8. Susi, George Gabriel P.
Join us tomorrow (June 22, 2021) at the MMFN in Baclay, Tukuran, ZDS and claim your prizes and freebies as well as plant a tree with us.
See you!