Being proactive in the enforcement of environmental laws and promoting the rights of indigenous peoples were the key messages emphasized by Enforcement for Mindanao and Indigenous Peoples Concerns Undersecretary Conrado E. Laza to all DENR IX personnel during his visit to regional, provincial and community offices in Zamboanga Peninsula last week.
USEC Laza said that being proactive in the enforcement of environmental laws is the key in fulfilling the mission and mandate of the department in the protection and conservation of the environment and natural resources.
" We are for the prevention of environmental crimes. What good will it serve to confiscate illegal forest products or catch violators when the tree has already been cut. We are for the zero illegal cutting of trees , " USEC Laza said.
He added that there is a need to utilize intelligence work, constant patrolling and information campaigns among communities in order to help prevent environmental crimes.
USEC Laza also reminded personnel to help promote the rights of indigenous peoples in the region and work closely with NCIP.
Lastly, he lauded the accomplishments of DENR IX in terms of environmental law enforcement and urged them to keep up with the good work in upholding the mandate of the department.
USEC Laza visited the DENR offices in ZamPen to check on enforcement operations, familiarize and be abreast with situations and to help resolve issues and concerns.