Zamboanga del Sur… A female Green Sea turtle discovered trapped last week inside a fish pen died shortly after it was rescued in Barangay Kabatan, Vincenzo Sagun, Zamboanga del Sur.
In a necropsy examination conducted by personnel from the Community Environment and Natural Resources (CENRO) of Guipos and Bureau of Fish and Aquatic Resources (BFAR) the turtle was found to have ingested plastic straw and nylon which is suspected to be its cause of death.
The wildlife was first seen trapped inside the fish pen by Mr. Alberto Gratol, a local fisherman in the said barangay, who reported it to CENRO Guipos and BFAR.
The team immediately conducted a rescue operation to save the turtle. However, the wildlife was found weak and was also covered in barnacles around its plastron, flippers, carapace and neck. It died shortly after the rescue operation.
After the necropsy, the turtle was immediately buried to avoid contamination.
This is just one of many incidents of marine species dying due to ingestion of plastic wastes. In a report made by United Nations (UN) during the 2016 UN Biodiversity Conference it was found that marine species affected by marine wastes has increased from 633 species to 817 since 2012, it is also noted that most of these wastes are made from plastics.
Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) Region IX urges and reminds everyone to help on the conservation and protection of our environment and natural resources. The department continues its Information Education and Communication (IEC) Campaign efforts in order to spread more awareness and knowledge on solid waste management and the harmful effects of marine litter to organisms in our oceans.
If you have any reports or concern on any related matter you may send us a message on our official facebook page at DENR Zamboanga Peninsula or call us at 0948-147-1250.