Do you like what you see? A friend said it looks like a place he's been to in Europe. Wrong. This exquisite view can be found here in the #Phillippines!

Introducing the heart-shaped crater lake, Lake Maragang in the center of Mt. Timolan Protected Landscape. This protected area proclaimed in 2000 and one of the legislated PAs included in RA 11038 or the Amended NIPAS Act of 1992, has a total area of 2,689.542 hectares covering portions of the municipalities of Tigbao, Guipos, San Miguel and Lapuyan of the 2nd District of Zamboanga Del Sur.

The park is characterized by steep slopes and dividing ridges, with rolling to moderately undulating topography. Lowland forests cover eighty percent (80%) of the landscape with the remaining areas consisting of secondary grassland.

It is an important bird area being home to the Philippine eagle, Philippine cockatoo, Philippine hawk eagle, brahminy kite, hornbill kite, Philippine duck, pigeons, fruit doves, and jungle owls. It is also a habitat of the Philippine tarsier, Philippine warty pig, Asian palm civet cat (also known as alamid), Philippine pygmy squirrel, Philippine tree squirrel, and reptiles such as the Philippine sailfin lizard, water monitor, snakes and geckos.

Please take time to visit a protected area near you and you'll be amazed of just how beautiful our country is.