CENRO Siocon personnel and staff, led by CENR Officer Rey A. Jalandoni, welcomed OIC, Assistant Secretary for Field Operations – Western Mindanao and concurrent FMB Director Forester Arleigh Adorable on Monday, February 5, 2024, as he participated in the Monday convocation.

ASEC Adorable reflected on his tenure in the office, expressing appreciation for the opportunity to witness new faces and a new generation of passionate CENRO Siocon employees. He congratulated CENR Officer Rey A. Jalandoni and the CENRO personnel for their recognition as the TOP 5 EAGLE Awardee. ASEC Adorable also provided updates on climate change issues and shared the department's future plans to address them. Additionally, he presented the department's Programs, Projects, and activities, emphasizing the prudent utilization of government funds. In his closing statement, he urged everyone to continue and enhance the ongoing initiatives for the future of our environment.

CENR Officer Rey Jalandoni expressed gratitude to ASEC Adorable for his visit and participation in the Monday flag-raising ceremony. Jalandoni highlighted ASEC Adorable's past achievements at the office, citing his pivotal role in neutralizing the illegal logging issue through leading Anti-Illegal Operations. Jalandoni hopes Adorable's presence will inspire the new generation of employees in the office.

Furthermore, section chiefs shared updates on the office's accomplishments as of January 2024, expressing appreciation for ASEC Adorable's visit as a source of inspiration and motivation for all employees.




CENRO Siocon Welcomes ASEC Arleigh Adorable