Pagadian City. A hundred (100) Girl Scouts from Napolan National High School showcased their commitment to environmental sustainability through a tree growing initiative in collaboration with the Community Environment and Natural Resources Office (CENRO) Ramon Magsaysay at Purok Palmera, Barangay Napolan on November 19, 2023.

A total of 30 Mahogany tree seedlings were carefully planted in Barangay Napolan, symbolizing the students' active involvement in nurturing their surroundings. This tree growing activity not only contributed to the community's greenery but also served as a pivotal part of the girl scouts' ongoing initiatives.

Prior to the tree planting, Forest Technician I and GAD Focal, Jessalou A. Tabat of CENRO Ramon Magsaysay engaged the students in an enlightening discussion about the significance of tree planting and its far-reaching benefits for the environment. The informative session included details about the Mahogany tree, the chosen species for planting, and its various uses.

FT 1 and GAD Focal Tabat, emphasized the importance of such initiatives, stating, "By actively participating in tree planting activities, these young women are not only fulfilling their roles as responsible citizens but are also taking significant steps towards becoming strong environmental advocates."

Following the educational session, Ms. Jojara Becoy, an eNGP personnel of CENRO Ramon Magsaysay, demonstrated the proper techniques for tree planting. This hands-on experience allowed the students to apply the knowledge gained, fostering a deeper understanding of the practical aspects of environmental conservation.

The tree planting initiative stands as a testament to the dedication of Napolan NHS’ girl scouts in creating a sustainable and greener future. Their collaboration with CENRO Ramon Magsaysay highlights the importance of partnerships between educational institutions and government agencies in promoting environmental awareness and action.



Napolan NHS Girl Scouts Lead in Environmental Initiative