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Gutalac, Zamboanga del Norte - On September 13, 2023, the CENRO Liloy spearheaded a comprehensive Re-Orientation, Renewal, and Training Program for the Deputized Environment and Natural Resources Officers (DENROs) from the Municipalities of Labason and Gutalac, Zamboanga del Norte.

The event served as a platform to enhance the knowledge and skills of these officers in their crucial role as guardians of the environment.

PENRO Cidur S. Julsadjiri of Zamboanga del Norte, Hon. Eddie Justin T. Quimbo and Hon.Jelster Ed T. Quimbo graced the event and delivered important messages to emphasize the significance of environmental stewardship.

The program featured a lineup of expert resource speakers who delved into various aspects of environmental legislation. CENRO Michael F. Dela Cruz initiated the discussions by addressing key provisions of the Wildlife Act, followed by Engr. Esperanza D. Ramonal, who shed light on the Mining Act. CENRO George E. Laolao of CENRO Manukan shared insights into the Revised Forestry Act of the Philippines (PD 705), while CENRO Rey A. Jalandoni of CENRO Siocon provided valuable knowledge on the Chainsaw Act.

In the afternoon session, participants engaged in an icebreaker activity to invigorate their spirits before continuing with lectures.

DMO III Carlos A. Donato covered the Solid Waste Management Act, and legal experts Atty. Erwin W. Cabilin and Atty. Ellen Gumansing- Nalzaro shared their insights on Warrantless Arrest and other DENR Environmental Laws, respectively.

The event concluded with DMO IV Heracleo M. Calasang highlighting the duties, responsibilities, and requirements for deputization, followed by an open forum that allowed participants to seek clarification and further understanding.

The program concluded successfully, leaving participants well-informed and motivated in their vital roles as custodians of the environment and natural resources.




CENRO Liloy spearheaded Re Orientation Renewal and Training Program for

A sea turtle was turned over to the Community Environment and Natural Resources Office of Liloy in the late afternoon of September 3 by a concerned resident of Barangay Malintuboan in Liloy, Zamboanga del Norte.

The sea turtle was found entangled with a fishing hook along the seashore of barangay Malintuboan on the same day, September 3. The locals saved the turtle and brought it offshore. The safety of the turtle, however, alarmed a certain Alex Bermudez. Thus, he took the turtle and immediately brought it to the office.

The turtle, identified as a critically endangered Hawksbill Marine Turtle (Eretmochelys imbricata), was swiftly treated for its injuries and released back into the sea at Sitio Tapon, Barangay Baybay of Liloy.

The successful turnover and release of the marine turtle serve as a reminder of the need for responsible fishing practices and the importance of protecting endangered species in our marine ecosystems, as well as a proof of a successful joint effort between the community and local authorities in the commitment to preserving marine biodiversity.

In accordance with the Wildlife Resources Conservation and Protection Act (RA 9147), the Office continuously reminds the public of their duty to safeguard wildlife and their habitats for the benefit of present and future generations.




Critically Endangered Turtle turned over in CENRO Liloy

Personnel from the Community Environment and Natural Resources Office of Ramon Magsaysay retrieved a juvenile Brahminy Kite (Haliastur indus) at Purok San Francisco, Upper Pulacan, Zamboanga del Sur, on September 11, 2023.

The raptor was discovered by a certain Mr. Rillera on a vacant lot near a cut-down Gmelina tree in barangay Navalan, Tukuran, Zamboanga del Sur, on September 4. He noticed that it had a little cut on its left foot from being entangled in vines and tried to leave after freeing it, but it kept chirping and refused to flee, so he decided to take it to their residence in Upper Pulacan and give it first aid treatment. On September 11, a week after the incident, his wife reported the incident to the office after ensuring that the wound had completely healed.

The juvenile bird, which weighs around 0.2kg, was confirmed to be healthy upon assessment. It was immediately transported to the DENR IX Regional Wildlife Rescue Center in Baclay, Tukuran, Zamboanga del Sur, for proper care before being released back into its native environment.

DENR IX urges the public to promptly report any wildlife-related issues to the agency for the proper handling, rescue, and retrieval procedures by calling Hotline No. 0948-147-1250 or send a message via Facebook page, DENR Zamboanga Peninsula.




RM retrieve Brahminy Kite

The Community Environment and Natural Resources Office of Guipos joins the Local Government Unit (LGU) of Guipos during their Retooled Community Support Program (RCSP) at Barangays Katipunan and Bagong Oroquita on August 16–17.

During the event, CENRO Guipos also distributed plantable seedlings and answered queries regarding land titling, tree cutting, chainsaw registration, and others that the agency can offer.
Various national government organizations were also present during the occasion, including the Department of Agriculture who distributed plantable vegetable seeds and fertilizers; Department of Health with their free medical consultation and distributed medicine to those in need; Bureau of Fire Protection who assisted the Philippine National Police to guard the safety of the participants; Bureau of Internal Revenue who offered also services in relation to tax collection; the Philippine Army who offered free haircut to the participants; the Department of Interior and Local Government also as the main agency as the facilitator of the said activity; and the Department of Public Works and Highways since majority of the projects that the locales ask is road construction.
RCSP is an immersion in the community, bringing the services that the agency offers directly to their barangays, especially those identified under ELCAC. It is also a crucial component of the initiatives to enhance community diagnosis (UGNAYAN SA BARANGAY) and SERBISYO CARAVAN, which aim to address the needs and concerns of the local residents.

Guipos RCSP

DENR IX Regional Executive Director Arturo E. Fadriquela leads the 3rd Quarter Regional Management Conference (ManCon) on September 7-8, 2023 at Palacio del Sur, Zamboanga City.

In his opening message, RED Fadriquela emphasized the need to discuss physical targets and performance as well as issues that arose during the recently concluded Mindanao Management Conference, the Budget Hearing called for by the Committee on Appropriations, and the BIMP-EAGA Environment Cluster meeting in Davao City.

RED Fadriquela also encouraged the attendees to share the challenges in accomplishing targets so they can be addressed properly. He also hoped that the respective division targets will be accomplished early this year.

The conference was also graced virtually by Assistant Secretary for Field Operations - Western Mindanao, Arleigh J. Adorable.

In his inspirational message, ASec Adorable shared some strategic plans and programs of the department in the areas of forestry, climate change, carbon dioxide sequestration, water resources management which can contribute towards the over all improvement of the blue environment.

The Philippine Rubber Research Institute (PRRI), a staff Bureau of the Department of Agriculture, represented by Supervising Science Research Honey Fe Boje also presented the Pestalotiopsis Leaf Fall disease during the conference. The said plant infirmity has infested a large percentage of rubber plantations in Zamboanga Peninsula causing the abnormal falling of leaves, reduction of rubber tree sap production, and eventually cause death of the rubber plant.

In conclusion, RED Fadriquela expressed his gratitude to all for their active participation and contribution leading to the success of the event.

The ManCon convenes DENR9 key officials composed of the RED, RDs from the regional line bureaus, Assistant Regional Director, PENROs, CENROs, Division Chiefs from Technical and Management Services, Planning Officers, Finance Officers, and other key personnel to discuss and delve into the office's accomplishments, resolve issues and concerns, discuss future plans, as well as developments concerning the Department.




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