Chief, Surveys and Mapping Division
  • Personal Profile
Duties and Functions


  • Oversee all activities related to surveys, mapping and classification and enforcement of policies related to management and disposition of all alienable or disposable public lands.

Sections under the Surveys and Mapping Division


Surveys and Control Section

  • It shall evaluate/ validate measurements in relation to boundary technical descriptions and area information.
  • It shall also evaluate scaled representations of surveyed areas and review maps and plans from survey data.

Land Evaluation Survey Section

  • It shall provide data as basis of decisions about multiple or competing uses of forestlands, national parks, mineral lands and other public lands.
  • It shall evaluate policies and standards related to mapping activities and analyze computer survey data output and recommend revisions as deemed necessary.

Aggregate Survey and Correction Section

  • It shall prepare Bid Document e.g. BOQ, ABC, Work Plan and Schedule, Terms of Reference (TOR), Instructions to Bidders, etc. needed for Procurement/ Bidding of Cadastral Survey Projects.
  • It shall verify cadastral Survey Returns for approval, verify Advance Survey (AS) Plans for approval, assign highest cadastral lots on Cadastral Subdivision/ Consolidation and Original Surveys, and prepare Order of Correction and Amendments on erroneous cadastral records.

Original and Other Survey Section

  • It shall supervise the verification of survey returns of CPR/ OLT Surveys and isolated land surveys. It shall prepare letters/communication regarding defective survey returns and other lacking requirements. It shall also check proper certification on areas adjacent to bodies of water and other similar references and documents pertaining thereto and shall randomly check the compliance of the individual computation verifier, cartographer verifier and documents checker.


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