cidur julsadjiri
OIC-Chief,  Conservation and Development Division
  • Personal Profile
Duties and Functions


  • Oversee and coordinate conservation/ protection and development activities relating to land, biodiversity, and coastal and marine management.

Sections under Conservation and Development Division


Protected Area (PA) Management and Biodiversity Conservation Section

  • It shall oversee and coordinate the management of protected areas and coordinate biodiversity conservation activities in PA Areas.
  • It shall evaluate issues relating to PA management and make recommendations related to biodiversity conservation and coastal and marine management.

Production Forest Management Section

  • It shall ensure that appropriate silvicultural systems are practiced to enhance the productivity of forests/ forestlands.

Coastal Resource and Foreshore Management Section

  • It shall provide technical assistance to the LGUs and other stakeholders in the planning, implementation and monitoring of sustainable use of coastal resources.
  • It shall assess and coordinate efforts in the rehabilitation, conservation, protection and sustainable development and management of coastal and marine ecosystems.


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DENR IX Regional Office Building, President Corazon C. Aquino Regional Government Center, Balintawak, Pagadian City