OIC-Chief, Enforcement Division
  • Personal Profile

Duties and Functions

  • In coordination with relevant law- enforcement agencies, ensure that relevant ENR law enforcement activities are implemented within forest lands, protected areas, coastal areas, and other reservations.

Sections under Enforcement Division


Surveillance and Intelligence Section

  • It shall coordinate and if needed, spearhead surveillance and intelligence of alleged violations of ENR laws, rules, and regulations.
  • It shall likewise coordinate with other law enforcement agencies in the gathering of evidences and prepare initial report for a full- blown investigation.

Compliance Monitoring and Investigation Section

  • It shall coordinate the implementation of procedures on the apprehension, seizure and confiscation of products (forest, wildlife, etc.) after an investigation based on established rules and standards.
  • Its tasks shall include but not limited to undertaking appropriate action on alleged violation, such as bringing together of all gathered evidences, and preparation of initial affidavits and other legal requirements for filing of appropriate cases.
  • It shall likewise coordinate the implementation of orders of issuances on the forfeiture of forest, wildlife, etc. product/ conveyances/ tools and equipment.






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