Chief, Planning and Management Division
  • Personal Profile
Duties and Functions


  • Responsible for developing planning and resource allocation guidelines and for integrating all short/medium/long-term development plans and programs of various sectors guided by the philosophy of the Region;
  • Coordinate all planning activities in the Region;
  • Provide updated and timely statistic and information for policy studies purposes;
  • Maintain central computer-based and manual schemes for data gathering, processing, analysis and data retrieval and report generation in coordination with all other computer services in the region.

Sections under the Planning and Management Division


Planning and Programming Section

  • Integrate and recommend short, medium and long range plans for the Region in the context of national development goals and in close coordination with the staff bureaus;
  • Provide standards and guidelines including workloads in preparation of the Regional budget;
  • Integrate annual plans and programs into specific projects that will be implemented at a given period of time in accordance with the Department’s budget appropriation or proposal and in coordination with the Project Development and Evaluation Division;
  • Formulate criteria for determining projects for funding and execution;
  • Formulate planning standard and guidelines for natural resources planning;
  • Maintain liaison with other department and central planning agencies of the government;
  • Perform other related functions that may be assigned by higher authorities.


Monitoring and Evaluation Section

  • Responsible for coordinating project development by staff bureaus, attached agencies and Field Operations in accordance with the approved priority areas;
  • Evaluate project proposals and performance of the various units and sectors according to technical feasibility, administrative expediency, and other generally accepted criteria for development management;
  • Implement standards and criteria set by the Department for project identification, prioritization and implementation;
  • Evaluate and assess periodically, performance reports and assess project implications for aggregative and strategic planning;
  • Perform other functions that may be assigned by the higher authorities.


Regional ICT Unit

  • Develop and maintain effective information systems for planning, Project management and performance appraisal;
  • Maintain a central computer-based data storage and retrieval service;
  • Develop master plan for the computerization of various systems and processes for the Region aligned with the Department including information / record of personnel;
  • Evolve and prescribe standards for computer equipment and software acquisition and application;
  • Perform other functions that may be assigned by the higher authorities.


For inquiries please feel free to visit us at:

DENR IX Regional Office Building, President Corazon C. Aquino Regional Government Center, Balintawak, Pagadian City